Command line service call takes ~3s

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Hi I have an RPI running ROS2 Foxy with an active service, on a local network with my Win10 host PC. I also have ROS2 Foxy installed on my host PC via this link:

I am able to use the ROS2 command line tools to make requests to the node running on the RPI, but each call takes ~3s to execute; the service itself just echos the sent string; in all cases the length is a few characters.

Any thoughts as to why the command line call takes so long to call and return?


I also see the same lag when I run it on the rpi terminal directly( ie, I am not making the call from my windows machine)

ubuntu@ubuntu:~/ros2_ws$ time ros2 service call /rpi_spi_srv  rpispi/srv/Spixfer "{tx: '[02,05,AE],[DE,AD,BE,EF],[03,45,10,00,00,00]' }"
requester: making request: rpispi.srv.Spixfer_Request(tx='[02,05,AE],[DE,AD,BE,EF],[03,45,10,00,00,00]')


real    0m1.855s
user    0m1.493s
sys     0m0.380s
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Comments I have the very same problem. Everything is running locally so it is not a network issue. Have you ever found a solution?

LastStarDust gravatar image LastStarDust  ( 2023-03-15 03:13:03 -0500 )edit