decodePointCloud sometimes locks up when calling it [closed]

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I am writing two programs one which subscribes to pointcloud topic and compresses and republish it. Another program subscribes to the previous published topic and decompresses and republishes the point cloud topic. All of this is done in order to go across a resource limited wifi network link on two different computers.

Sometimes after compiling the decompress the program locks up upon calling decodePointCloud from the encoder and does not come out of that function. One of the cores goes to 100% utilization. If I kill the process the core goes back a to a low level. Once it starts this lockup pattern it stays that way even after rebooting. It does get one message but the decompression does not get out of decodePointCloud.

What could be causing this? Also where is the source code located for the encodePointCloud decodePointCloud functions located I can not find it.

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