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Path points following

asked 2020-12-21 07:38:28 -0600

sharabati.mahmoud gravatar image

Hi everyone, I'm working on a 4 wheels mobile robot and I have to follow a path points (series of points on a path). So my question is there a ROS algorithm to do that?

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There are alot of algorithms to plan a path, and alot of tutorials/examples. I don't know what your configuration is but a goot starting point is 'move_base_simple/goal' to just move your robot to each point. (assuming your 'points' are known locations)

crnewton gravatar image crnewton  ( 2020-12-22 04:07:34 -0600 )edit

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answered 2020-12-22 07:05:15 -0600

updated 2020-12-22 07:10:56 -0600

I would suggest setting up a base global planner for the global path and teb local planner for the local one since teb local planner actually supports points.


take a look at the subscribed topics you'll find "via_points (nav_msgs/Path)" in the optimization parameters you can weight the local planner to follow the via points more.

Note: You'll need to set global path via point seperation to a negative number. Otherwise the planner will strictly follow the global path since it is supplying the via points now.

It should be fairly simple to implement that behavior.


I just thought about it again, if you run into timing problems between supplying the goal and the via points it might be an option to set everything from one node. Using the actionlib you can provide the goal and a simple publisher can publish your points. Then you can define precise timings and prevent a edgecase where you are supplying waypoints from the past.

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