ROS and DBus : Advertisement.GetAll not a Python function

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Hello everyone,

Hope you're doing good. It's my first post on ROS topic, I hope you could help me with an error I got when I run my launch file. I'm using python-dbus in order to make a bidirectional communication between a BLE device and a BLE peripheral. I use the bluez example of gatt-server and example-advertisement

I'm using python 2.7 with bluez 4.3 and I got an error when I compile my file with the dbus.service.method you can find on line 99 of example_advertisement.

    def GetAll(self, interface):
        print 'GetAll'
        if interface != LE_ADVERTISEMENT_IFACE:
            raise InvalidArgsException()
        print 'returning props'
        return self.get_properties()[LE_ADVERTISEMENT_IFACE]

The output error is :

TypeError: <cyfunction Advertisement.GetAll at 0x76188d30> is not a Python function

If anyone knew how to solve this problem, I'll be grateful for life !

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