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Turtlebot3 wired power operation

asked 2020-08-18 17:31:28 -0500

argentum2f gravatar image

While testing/programming I would like to keep it the turtlebot3 (waffle pi) plugged in.

  1. Can the battery pack be plugged into the charger (SMPS) while also powering the turtlebot?
  2. Can I power the raspoberrypi through the microusb port that usually powers them, while connected to the opencr? (This backpowers the opencr board. I did it once before thinking about it and realized there could be potential problems with doing something like this).
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1 Answer

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answered 2020-09-10 10:00:41 -0500

argentum2f gravatar image

updated 2020-09-10 12:18:43 -0500

Well, I've found no official answer, but I assumed it was ok and nothing terrible has happened yet. That is, I can turn the robot on with the charger plugged in, do some stuff, then unplug the charger with no interruption to operation. I still can't guarantee this isn't bad for the battery or something, but it seems to work fine. I'm not sure about the micro-usb power though. I haven't tried that again. I don't think it provided quite enough power for opencr and motors, etc. though, since I had issues the one time I tried it. So

  1. Yes (probably)
  2. No

Edit: Just came across this:

Can I Charge the Battery when the Battery is Connected to TurtleBot3? Charging and discharging the battery at the same is NOT recommended and this may void the warranty of the product. If TurtleBot3 needs to be turned on while charging/replacing battery, please follow below procedure:

Connect SMPS 12V 5A to OpenCR Disconnect the depleted battery from OpenCR Connect the depleted battery to battery charger or replace the depleted battery with a fully charged battery Connect the fully charged battery to OpenCR Disconnect SMPS 12V 5A from OpenCR

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