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ROS package with build type 'ament_python' has no '' file

asked 2020-08-14 23:51:29 -0500

pauceano gravatar image

updated 2022-03-17 22:43:59 -0500

130s gravatar image

Trying to build Foxy in Windows 10. After installing everything, I get a bunch of errors when running colcon:

*C:\dev\ros2_foxy>colcon build --merge-install*
[7.597s] **colcon.colcon_core.package_identification** ERROR ROS package 'share\action_tutorials_py' with build type 'ament_python' has no '' file
[7.611s] **colcon.colcon_core.package_identification** ERROR ROS package 'share\ament_clang_format' with build type 'ament_python' has no '' file

and many more

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2 Answers

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answered 2020-08-15 08:39:01 -0500

pauceano gravatar image

Actually the errors where happening with packages in the folder ros2_foxy\share where was not copied. But these packages are also in other folders under src, generating another error, so I removed the ones in the share folder. I do not know how they arrived to the share folder or if there is any reason to have them there, but, without share folder, colcon builds.

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answered 2020-11-05 06:22:11 -0500

votecoffee gravatar image

I had this same issue. I had downloaded the source from the website and unzipped it to C:\dev\ros2_foxy. But I should have started with a clean directory and run the following:

md \dev\ros2_foxy\src
cd \dev\ros2_foxy
curl -sk -o ros2.repos
vcs import src < ros2.repos
colcon build --merge-install
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