rosout log message overwriting themselves

asked 2020-06-04 09:59:39 -0600

cstracq gravatar image

Running ros-kinetic on Ubuntu 16.

In ~/.ros/log there are many directories. I don't know much about why certain logs are separated into different directories, because the directories have multiple days worth of logs. If anyone has input on that it may be helpful.

The real issue is with the logs inside. I have some roslaunch-<name>-<number>.log files that don't contain the information I need. The rosout.log (rosout.log.1, ..., rosout.log.10) files are the useful files I need, but they appear to be overwriting themselves.

I have notes I saved for myself from error messages from my the roslaunch console. I searched in these directories for the saved timestamp and it came up empty. The logs from that time were overwritten. And the log files only go up from rosout.log, rosout.log.1, ..., rosout.log.10.

This system was setup for this program before I got here, so I'm guessing someone set up some configurations regarding logging. Perhaps there was a maximum log number that was set.

If anyone has any information about changing these logging configurations, I'll really appreciate it. Thanks!

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