Cannot set up ROS-IGTL- gives errors [closed]

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i keep getting the error:

[ERROR] [1591057490.737717393]: [ROS-IGTL-Bridge] Cannot create a server socket.
[ros_igtl_bridge_node-2] process has died [pid 5764, exit code -11, cmd /home/neel/catkin_ws/devel/lib/ros_igtl_bridge/ros_igtl_bridge_node __name:=ros_igtl_bridge_node __log:=/home/neel/.ros/log/72887bf0-a467-11ea-bd5d-001c42eeb7fd/ros_igtl_bridge_node-2.log].
log file: /home/neel/.ros/log/72887bf0-a467-11ea-bd5d-001c42eeb7fd/ros_igtl_bridge_node-2*.log

... when trying to set ROS as the client. But it works when trying to run it as a server connected to the client 3D Slicer

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I'm closing this, not because it isn't a valid question, but because it's a SEGFAULT in a node which is in a very specific package (this one: openigtlink/ROS-IGTL-Bridge). Chances someone has used that package here on ROS Answers are slim.

I would advise you to reach out to the developers/maintainers instead, and post an issue on their issue tracker.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2020-06-02 02:39:55 -0500 )edit