issues in rosserial via bluetooth

asked 2020-05-12 03:37:36 -0500

SeminAhn gravatar image

now I'm trying to connect my Arduino Nano 33 IoT with my MICOM(Intel NUC).

First I checked the connection between MICOM and Arduino, it was fine.

Then I make rfcomm0.

$ sudo rfcomm bind 0 24:62:AB:B2:22:96[mac addr of Arduino] 1
$ sudo sdptool add --channel=1 SP
$ sudo chmod 777 /dev/rfcomm0

after I run rosserial

rosrun rosserial_python _port:=/dev/rfcomm0 _baud:=115200

it only shows this repeatly

[INFO] [1589269328.939973]: Connecting to /dev/rfcomm0 at 115200 baud
[INFO] [1589269331.046898]: Requesting topics...
[WARN] [1589269334.065826]: Last read step: None
[WARN] [1589269334.067937]: Run loop error: [Errno 5] Input/output error
[WARN] [1589269334.068773]: Unexpected Error.<class 'termios.error'>

I have tried various ways but nothing works. Please help me..

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