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Autoware Traffic Light Recognition without Vector Map

asked 2020-03-19 03:51:19 -0600

huifeng gravatar image

If I use region-tlr-mxnet or region_tlr_ssd in autoware, is Vector map containing traffic light information still mandatory?

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-03-19 13:20:54 -0600

mitsudome-r gravatar image

You will still need vector map information to do traffic light information.

region_tlr_mxnet and region_tlr_ssd are meant to only do color recognition of the traffic light, and traffic light detection can only be done using feat_proj nodes.

Technically speaking, region_tlr_ssd can detect position of traffic light in the image. However, current implementation expects output from feat_proj to as a trigger to do recognition.

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