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[rmf_demo] How to generate the "0.yaml" file

asked 2020-02-17 05:20:46 -0600

webvenky gravatar image

In our attempt to try out the rmf_demo examples, there is a file specified as "0.yaml" in magni_adapter.launch.xml, which is located at /install/rmf_demo_maps/share/rmf_demo_maps/maps/office/nav_graphs/0.yaml.

The file seems to be the equivalent lanes and vertices generated from traffic_editor but in gazebo's world coordinate.

Vertices in this 0.yaml file are in meter while the coordinate of vertices in building.yaml file of traffic_editor are in pixels.

For example, coordinate of the same vertex in different files:

[ - magni1] : (11.553368836072618 -11.315970962255989)

[office.building.yaml - magni1_charger] : (1364.76, 1336.717)

[0.yaml - magni1_charger] : (11.553368836072618, -11.315970962255989)

Is there a conversion or any specific steps to obtain this 0.yaml?

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-02-24 04:48:13 -0600

Yadunund gravatar image

The navigation graph yaml files are generated and installed to rmf_demo_maps/share/ during build time. See CMakeLists.txt file within the rmf_demo_maps pkg. This is achieved using the building_map_nav tool from the building_map_tools pkg in the osrf/traffic_editor repository. The source code should provide clarity on the transformations performed.

You may also generate the nav graphs by running

ros2 run building_map_tools building_map_nav <input.yaml> <output directory>

from a terminal after sourcing the workspace where building_map_tools was built.

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