Autoware NDT Matching: no transform from /map to /base_link

asked 2020-01-07 04:10:46 -0500

ThomasL624 gravatar image

It is a source build autoware 1.12 in ubuntu 16.04 (aarch64), the pcd map can be shown, however the tf has some problems that only world->map and base_link -> velodyne, but not map -> base_link, the tf_view frames shows the average rate of world -> map is around 100Hz. I am quite sure that I follow the startup procedure correctly, as the other 2 system i had can be displayed the result correctly with same rosbag and pcd file. I saw sth like "ndt_matching" proceed is dead...

Anyone has idea to solving this issue/ giving some direction to figure it out? Thank you!

If any further information needed to provide, please state it out, I will try my best to provide it!

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