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how to run rqt with ubuntu and eloquent, service not available

asked 2020-01-04 09:57:42 -0600

billmania gravatar image

updated 2020-01-04 09:59:57 -0600

I have a clean installation of ROS2 Eloquent on an ubuntu 18.04 system. I'm following the Tutorial First, there's a minor typo in that tutorial in Section 4, Install rqt. The command line

sudo apt install ros-{distro}-rqt-*

will install everything EXCEPT the ros-eloquent-rqt package itself. The command should be changed to:

sudo apt install ros-{distro}-rqt*

More importantly, when I attempt to start rqt with the command line rqt, I get the message service not available, waiting again...

What am I missing? Prior to this section of the tutorial, the turtlesim starts and functions correctly. I've tried to start rqt both with and without the turtlesim running, but the results are the same.

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Same for me - "service not available..."

Thomas B. Lyons gravatar imageThomas B. Lyons ( 2020-01-05 03:25:00 -0600 )edit

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answered 2020-01-06 16:58:10 -0600

billmania gravatar image

After reading I solved the problem by removing the directory ~/.config/

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