Autoware mpc_follower not working

asked 2019-12-11 04:30:13 -0600

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updated 2019-12-11 05:09:10 -0600

  • Autoware version : 1.13.0
  • ROS Version Melodic
  • Autoware installed from Docker
  • Docker version 19.03.5, build 633a0ea838

Hello everyone.

I am desperately trying to get the autoware mpc follower to work but I totally can't, and I can't find any guide only or any piece of documentation, only this from the Autoware gitlab repo.

T o start, I am trying a very simple task : Go from one point to another following a vector map on the Borregas Avenue map. (See here) It is working perfectly using the pure_pursuit following algorithm bu I really can't get it to work with mpc.

I made sure that open planner is not started, then I enabled astar_navi according to some recommendations I found online but it seems to be wrong as it is an open space planner.

So first of all I can't get a path generated when using the 2D nav goal in Rviz, and when I use open planner to generate the path I am unable to follow it using mpc

At some point, I will also need replanning to work.

Can you tell me the steps I need to follow ?

Thanks a lot !

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