rosinstall_generator desktop_full getting packages I don't have installed

asked 2019-11-19 13:50:34 -0500

mugetsu gravatar image

I installed ros the normal way with sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-desktop-full. Now, I want to get a snapshot of the package versions using rosinstall_generator desktop_full.

However, for some reason, it's getting a lot of packages that I don't have installed. Why is that? How do I exclude them?

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How are you invoking rosinstall_generator?

Please show exact commands you've used.

And an observation: if you've used apt, it may perhaps be better to use any of the available apt snapshotting / mirroring tools instead, as that would get you the actual packages that you used to install ROS on your system.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2019-11-20 02:02:55 -0500 )edit

here is how I did it:

rosinstall_generator desktop_full --rosdistro kinetic --deps --tar --flat > build/ws.rosinstall

rosinstall comes up with a bunch of packages that I do not have installed.

mugetsu gravatar image mugetsu  ( 2019-11-20 14:01:16 -0500 )edit