How can I install ROS on EV3 (using ssh connection)?

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I am trying to install ROS on EV3 using the following instructions:

Flash an SD card with an ev3dev-stretch image

Boot it

Connect the EV3 to the Internet

Connect to the EV3 with: ssh robot@ev3dev (password: maker)

Add these statements to the bottom of ~/.bashrc:

source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

export ROS_HOSTNAME=ev3dev

export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://machine1:11311   # where machine1 is the name of the machine running roscore

Install ROS with:

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

sudo apt install ros-robot-python-dev

sudo rosdep init

rosdep update

but at

sudo apt install ros-robot-python-dev

i get following message:

E: Unable to locate package ros-robot-python-dev

what does this mean?

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What instructions are you following? This isn't the standard install instructions

jayess gravatar image jayess  ( 2019-09-16 18:20:34 -0500 )edit