moveit getplanmotion through ros bridge

asked 2019-08-09 06:33:27 -0500


First I want to say that I'm a beginner in the ROS topic.

We are actually working for a project where we want to move a UR10 through ros_bridge.

I was able to retrieve the robot state and move it through the arm_controller command. Now we would like to use MoveIt as planner. My question is the following. Is it possible to call Moveit service GetMotionPlan through the ros_bridge ?

If yes, what is the topic I should write to ? I tried /moveit_msgs/GetMotionPlan but this doesn't work. In the graph there is a bunch of move_group topics but none looks like the one I am looking for.

Is what we try to achieve feasible ? Is is the right choice to use MoveIt to get a motion plan ?

Thanks for the help


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