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How to change hovering height of a quadrotor(crazyflie2 )in crazyflie2_hovering_example.launch?

asked 2019-08-05 07:46:34 -0500

merose gravatar image

I am trying d to change the hovering height from 1m to 2 m (ie (x, y, z)= (0, 0, 1) to (0, 0, 2)) for that I changed the desired location in the file hovering_example.cpp (CrazyS/rotor_gazebo/src/hovering_example.cpp). But the value is not updating. so how to change the destination point ? The file used for launching is crazyflie2_hovering_example.launch (CrazyS/rotor_gazebo/launch/crazyflie2_hovering_example.launch).

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-12-09 03:45:53 -0500

Hi! I think the best way to address your problem is to open an issue on the GitHub repository.

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