Moveit! Benchmarking Concepts mistakes

asked 2019-08-01 13:05:02 -0500

Hello developers!

Ubuntu 16.04 & ROS Kinetic

I'm starting to use the moveit benchmarking to some tests. But I don't understand the idea behind: start state and query...

Let's say that I have a start state pA and a query called query1 from pB to pC. The results from benchmark return a log called pA_query1.log (a simplify example). My questions are:

1 - The benchmark is calculated from pA passing for pB and finishing in pC (3 points) or it goes from pA to pC directly? (2 points)

2 - Is it possible to create a path (more than 2 points or 3 points) to calculate the benchmark?

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