How to build a known map for indoor environment " to use for map-based navigation using Turtlebot3 (burger)?

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Hello everybody ! How are you? My name is Getahun. I am MSC student in CSE at ASTU, Ethiopia. I have finished the course before one year, July 2018 , and my Thesis work is on "Vision based indoor mobile robot navigation" and is map- based ( known environment). The resource we have in our SIG lab is only Turtlebot3 (Burger). This title is given me by my adviser without my interest. So , i am reading “ROS Robot Programming, A Handbook is written by TurtleBot3 Developers”. My problem is that , " How to build a known map for indoor environment " for this map based navigation? I installed ROS kinetic kame and Ubuntu 16.04.6 (Xenial) and also Gazebo version 7. I am also reading E-manual for Turtlebot3. But , confused how to get the previously known map of the environment. My adviser asked me to use a test bed inside the lab , he can't helped me even how to use it, and i am not expect any help from my adviser after now. Is it possible to use a map built using SLAM and saved by the server as a known map for map based indoor mobile robot navigation? How? So , can anybody help me on this issue?

Thank you in advance !

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