run rgbdslamv2 on ZED.

asked 2019-07-18 21:40:08 -0500

lixz123007 gravatar image

ubuntu16.04,ros kinetic. I have already run rgbdskam_v2 using kinect2 and ORB_slam2 using zed successfully.And i found zed camera can publish depth topic. like this: image description it looks normal. So i think why don't try run rgbdslam_v2 using zed camera. And i tried. I did make it works but the result was strange .The depth showed in rgbdslam is different from i see in rviz and the result is whole green!! image description the cloudpiont is totally green.The depth topic is very white ,more white than in RVIZ. I don't know where is worng .Is the zed's depth topic is different from kinect2's ?

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