how can I migrate a package from catkin to rosbuild?

asked 2019-07-12 15:23:48 -0500

istone gravatar image

I'm running kinetic on ubuntu 16.04. I am working in a rosbuild framework that cannot be migrated to catkin. I installed a driver and ros wrapper for the intel realsense d435 depth camera. I need to be able to access this from within the build framework. currently I get an error where some files are searched for at the wrong path. I've considered moving the files to where the computer seems to expect them to be, but they won't recompile in those locations, and I am not the only person using the framework. when I source the catkin workspace I can find the files, however when I source the rosbuild framework and make an other call to the catkin workspace, the file cannot be found. Is it possible to migrate the catkin workspace into the rosbuild framework so that this problem doesn't crop up? I'd like to avoid changing the system set up too much as well. thanks!

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