New to rqt need help importing a project from qt [closed]

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according to the rqt wiki you can "easily import a qt project into rqt" but how does one do that? However, the page that tells you how to do it is still being developed. Has anyone done this successfully and if so could you walk me through it because the website says it should be easy but I am not finding this easy at all. I am trying to import a qt gui to controll a robot into rqt so that I can use ros to communicate values to the gui. I don't know much about ros or rqt so please help me. Thank you to anyone who can help. my robot is going to save lives so that's your incentive to help me. also please don't just post a link to an artical you think might help because chances are I have found it and it hasn't help since I have been researching how to do this for 2 weeks now with no success. I am using ros kinetic with qt 5.12.3.

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