clear command for nextage

asked 2019-06-03 02:29:43 -0500

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I am working with a KaWaDa nextage open that still has an old hrpsys version (315.2.8; which unfortunately I cannot update unless I pay...). I want to use a F/T sensor and stop the robot when too much force is exhibited. How to achieve this?

  • the clear command does not work due to the low hrpsys version, similar to what I already asked in this question)
  • If I use moveit_commander, none of the following commands work: larm.go() #time.sleep(1) larm.stop() larm.clear_pose_targets() larm.clear_pose_target('LARM_JOINT5_Link') ...the robot keeps moving. If I use the MoveIt! GUI, I can also click stop, and the GUI claims it stopped (and so does the terminal output) but the robot does not actually stop. I keeps moving and always fulfills the plan.

Can someone think of a way to use F/T sensors to stop the robot?

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