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HI I am a newcomer to ros. I am from China. My English is very poor. If there are some grammar problems below, or if I use ros answer incorrectly, please understand and propose that I will correct it. At present, I am doing an obstacle avoidance car. I use the IMU and the radar odometer to integrate ekf to locate, and also use the amcl algorithm to locate the car. I have several problems now:

  1. I filter my IMU data by imu_filter_madgwick. The data from IMU is /imu_data and /imu/mag. I map the /imu_data data to /imu/data_raw, then to imu_filter_madgwick node, and finally at /imu /data gives ekf other parameters are the default parameters, however, I found that my radar cloud point map will have a tendency to deflect to the left. When I turn the car to the right, there will be a radar cloud point map. The left-hand deflection is very fast. When I turn the car to the left, the radar cloud point map will deflect to the left but I can feel that there is something blocking the deflection of the car (I don't feel this when I deflect the car to the right). It is my problem.
  2. I look at the imu_filter_madgwick wiki, this node to the release of /imu/data, but when I look at the node information map, I found that the /tf node also subscribed to this node's message. Why is this?
  3. since amcl and ekf have positioning function on the car, how to locate at this time, how to cooperate. The above is my problem, can get answers Thank you
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