librviz and vtk conflict

asked 2019-04-16 00:12:07 -0500

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updated 2019-04-16 02:09:26 -0500

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In a Qt Application, I use librviz to display pointcloud data constantly ; vtk to process pointcloud data。 vtk is ok; but librviz cannot interact with user

ros: kinetic qt:qt5 vtk:6.2 ubuntu:16.04

librviz is installed by

sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-desktop-full

Thanks in advance!

Update with code:

cmWidgetByRviz = new CreateMapWidgetByRviz(this);  //use librviz
pmWidget = new ProcessMapWidget(this); //use vtk
tabWidget->addTab(cmWidgetByRviz, tr("cmByrviz"));
tabWidget->addTab(pmWidget, tr("ProcessMap"));
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