Cartographer_ROS failed to open my bag file and sliced example file download from doc

asked 2019-02-06 11:54:09 -0600

InDieSMARINE gravatar image

Lately, I've been trying to make a replicate of revo_lds.launch running on my own bag. My bag contain Laser_scan msg but was short (<1min) so I tried running cartographer_paper_revo_lds.bag and it work fine. At first I think it was about the duration of my own bag, so I tried sliced cartographer_paper_revo_lds.bag down to 2 min and it failed. However, when I sliced cartographer_paper_revo_lds.bag down to ~14min from the original 16min. ROS still failed to open the sliced file.

I've attached my own bag and sliced bag. link text

I'm new to ROS and Cartographer, just finish basic ROS tutorial and Cartographer_ROS.If you need more information feel free to ask me.

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