Need assistance/guidelines for a line follower (drone)

asked 2019-01-20 23:43:17 -0500

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First of all, I have to mention I'm somewhat new to all this of robotis and ROS, I've been working for a while now on a line follower with the Parrot Bebop drone using Bebop Autonomy driver, however I've come to a point I'm 100% cluelees and I would really appreciate some general guidance through this.

So what have I done so far?:

1.- Connect my PC and the Bebop (well this sounds obvious, but took me a whole month to figure out by myself) 2.- Install the bebop autonomy driver 3.- Explored the topics published by the bebop autonomy driver (even launched the drone just to have it land immediately) 4.- Create a ROS Node to handle the vision part of the project which is: 4.1.- Isolate a Region of interest 4.2.- By using OpenCV Reduce noise and apply Canny and HoughLinesP

So I'm here guessing (and inspired by some videos I've watched) that I should calculate a single line that goes between the outlines of my line (a bit too redundant, I know), that is, a single line that is in the very middle of my real line, and just have my Drone make its movement based on wether there is a Line in the middle or not.

If anyone has done this before, would really appreciate more help, as I'm really clueless, and I'm technically all by myself thanks in advance.

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