ros2 rti dds cross communications example?

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Does anyone know of an example of an RTI connext DDS node reading/writing with a ROS2 node? I have been using RTI connext for the last few years and am jumping back into ROS, via ROS2. However, i am at a loss as to how to take my IDLs and turn them into a .msg.

For example: what would this look like as a .msg? depth.idl and fluidpressure.idl


include "fluid pressure.idl"

module robot

    const octet WATER_TYPE_SALT = 1;

    struct depth
        sensor::msg::dds::fluidpressure pressure;
        string id;    //@key
        float depth;


module sensor

    module msg

        module dds
            struct fluidpressure
                double fluid_pressure;
                double variance;

Is it as simple as saying:


const byte WATER_TYPE_SALT = 1

sensor/msg/dds/fluidpressure   pressure

float32 depth

and fluidpressure.idl:

double32  fluid_pressure

double32  variance




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