how to use moveit to control a robot arm on a mobile base

asked 2018-11-20 08:33:34 -0500

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I have a turtlebot and a turtlebot arm (with some modification from the original one). I can control the turtlebot arm using moveit individually. I then want to put the turtlebot arm on the turtlebot and perform some navigation+picking&placing. I've searched and read how people did this but I'm still confused. Please help me with following questions:

  1. I have the URDF model for the turtlebot arm and I used the moveit setup assistance to generate the control package for it. Now I want to use the arm on the turtlebot, do I need to create a urdf model of the turtlebot with the arm installed? I read this post regarding how to link the arm with the robot ( ), and it said I need to add following to the xacro file. Should I add this to the arm descrition or the turtlebot description?

    <turtlebot_arm parent="plate_top_link" color="White" gripper_color="Black"
                pincher_gripper="false" turtlebot_gripper="true">
    <origin xyz="0.10914 0.0295 0.0284"/>
  2. How can I use the kinect input to avoid collision? More specifically, I don't know how I can inform MoveIt the transformation between the arm and the camera. Will the urdf model of the robot with arm solve this problem?

Any help will be appreciated! Thank you!!!

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