How to create a moving marker for rviz?

asked 2018-10-30 13:26:42 -0500

Ivan_Sanchez gravatar image


I'm trying to plan routes in ROS (kinetic) using OSM data with osm_cartography and route network packages and show the results in Rviz, using Python. Until now, my result is the following one:

Correct path computed by the algorithm shown in Rviz

Now, what I need is to create a marker or something that follows this highlighted path (simulating a car moving on it).

The idea of my project is to simulate a car moving on the correct path and if the car goes to other street while moving because any reason (I will probably intentionally indicate by code that the car deviates), the algorithm is executed again to replan the route from the place the car is to the same final position.

Is there any way to do that simulation of the car moving through the computed path in Rviz?

I am very grateful for your contributions!

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