datatype/md5sum error, publishing with rosbag [closed]

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I am facing this error when I try to launch my pose3D.launch node :

[ERROR] [1537274177.574505613]: Client [/pose3D] wants topic /odo to have datatype/md5sum [interval_map_msg/odo/18550ae0562d2d3f5ac16bd524fd7ee4], but our version has [motion_common_msg/Odometry/53fb859e63296783fbcea5a91fdc0352]. Dropping connection.

I have a rosbag with a topic /vehicle/odometry, and the message type is supposed to be /interval_map_msg/odo. Has the error message say, I think my rosbag is sending the wrong type of message but when print the msg of my rosbag thanks to a python script i can clearly see this is the good type.

So I am guessing the msg of my rosbag has a type of msg has motion_common_msg/Odometry and even if interval_map_msg/odo msg type is the same, ros can't recognize it.

Is it possible to change the type of a msg in a rosbag ?

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