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Problem with interactive markers example in turtlebot3

asked 2018-08-14 09:41:22 -0600

0x004 gravatar image

I am following robotis tutorial for turtlebot3 from

$roslaunch turtlebot3_bringup turtlebot3_robot.launch  

(Remote PC)
$ export TURTLEBOT3_MODEL=burger
$ roslaunch turtlebot3_bringup turtlebot3_remote.launch
$ roslaunch turtlebot3_example interactive_markers.launch
$ rosrun rviz rviz -d `rospack find turtlebot3_example`/rviz/turtlebot3_interactive.rviz

This is a screenshot from rviz: image description

There are no interactive markers that I can use to move the robot. I am running ubuntu 16.04 from a VM, ros kinetic and followed the installation instructions from robotis.

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-08-15 20:53:40 -0600

Gilbert gravatar image

This problem occurs when turtlebot3 is not connected to the the remote PC or Using VM. I recommend installing ubuntu from USB. Then, make sure remote PC's and turtlebot3's IP. This link is will help you.

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