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Node is subscribed to a topic but not receiving the message

asked 2018-07-12 11:25:00 -0600

huang27c gravatar image

updated 2018-07-13 16:12:29 -0600

My hardware is Romi32U4. My serial node is a subscriber to cmd_vel topic and there's a method converts Twist to the left and right speeds. I can move the robot by manually publish Twist message.

Now, I want to use turtlebot3_teleop to publish Twist messages. I've followed e-manual tutorial to setup remote PC. According to rqt_graph, teleop is publishing to cmd_vel and serial node is subscribing to cmd_vel too. When I echo cmd_vel, I can get the values. However, serial node is not responding. The call back function is not called. I don't know why. The serial node should execute call back function when it gets a Twist message, which it is published by teleop.

This is the class:

#define USE_USBCON
#include <Romi32U4.h>
#include <ros.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Twist.h>
#include <std_msgs/Float32.h>

Romi32U4Motors motors;

ros::NodeHandle_<ArduinoHardware, 6, 6, 150, 150> nh;
std_msgs::Float32 left_msg;
ros::Publisher left_vel_pub("chatter", &left_msg);

std_msgs::Float32 right_msg;
ros::Publisher right_vel_pub("chatter", &right_msg);

//call back
void msgTwist(const geometry_msgs::Twist& twist_msg){
  float wheel_dist = 13;

  float linear_vel = twist_msg.linear.x * 2000;
  float angle_vel = twist_msg.angular.z * 15; 

  float right_sp = (angle_vel*wheel_dist)/2 + linear_vel;
  float left_sp = linear_vel*2 - right_sp; = left_sp;
  left_vel_pub.publish( &left_msg ); = right_sp;
  right_vel_pub.publish( &right_msg );


  motors.setSpeeds(left_sp, right_sp)

ros::Subscriber<geometry_msgs::Twist> sub("cmd_vel", &msgTwist);

void setup() {

void loop() {
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To me this sounds like it might be a spinner issue. Have you looked into that?

Levi_Manring gravatar image Levi_Manring  ( 2018-07-12 12:07:36 -0600 )edit

Can you please explain more. Does that mean I need to modify spinOnce()?

huang27c gravatar image huang27c  ( 2018-07-12 12:15:33 -0600 )edit

Post the code that sets up the callback.

billy gravatar image billy  ( 2018-07-12 19:54:11 -0600 )edit

Hi @billy, just updated. please take a look.

huang27c gravatar image huang27c  ( 2018-07-13 08:39:08 -0600 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2018-07-13 09:05:05 -0600

huang27c gravatar image

I solved my own problem. The problem is the delay in the callback function. turtlebot3_teleop keeps sending messages. The delay slows down the speed of receiving the message and eventually crashed the serial node. Simply delete the delay will fix the problem.

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I don't see any delays in your code.

jayess gravatar image jayess  ( 2018-07-13 14:13:22 -0600 )edit

Sorry I accidentally uploaded modified code. I've added the delay back. The delay in the call back is the problem.

huang27c gravatar image huang27c  ( 2018-07-13 16:13:05 -0600 )edit

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