hardware interface device for real time control

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This days i'm searching for a hardware interface device which can be used to interface actuators and sensors with ros. And i'm little confused because even those their are lot of hardaware interface device like arduino, raspberry pi to use with ros, since i need to access the hardware in hard real time, i don't think using arduino or raspberry pi can fullfill this requirment.

I also found that by using servo drivers like elmo servo drives i can achive this capability. but it seems like interfacing such drives with ros is very hard. I am using orocos for low level device interface.

If i run ros and orocos( for hw_interface part) in boards like raspberry pi or jetson tk1, and than interface actuators and sensors with its gpio pins( may use some drivers), can it achive hard real time capabilities?

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This is a new package in ROS2 currently under development for microcontrollers that uses real time. https://github.com/microROS/micro-ROS

Droter gravatar image Droter  ( 2018-06-22 12:14:21 -0600 )edit