Executing motion in Descartes without starting path at current robot position [closed]

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I have a couple of lines which I have discretized into waypoints for descartes. For my application, I need to generate a "joint solution" for each line, which I then execute, rather than combining all the lines into a single path. I have also ensured that the end-point of each line coincides with the start-point of the next line since descartes requires that every path begins at the robot's current position. However, I still keep getting errors that my path does not begin at the robot's current position when I try to execute the second line. How can I rectify this? Preferably, is there a way to execute paths without necessarily specifying the robot's current position as the beginning of the path. Since the JointTrajectory Message specifies where each joint needs to be at each point in time, why can't the robot's joints just move to those positions irrespective of the start-point?

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