Compilation Error for ROS2 Ament-Tutorial on Creating an Overlay [closed]

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I was running through the tutorial at: . I had no issue building ROS2 from source, but when I created an overlay and tried to build it I saw the following build errors:

image description

It turns out the source code in the subscriber_node.cpp and publisher_node.cpp on is slightly different. Specifically, changing register_macro.hpp to class_loader_register_macro.h solves the issue for both files.

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I also needed to use -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release to successfully compile as noted in .

Hopefully this helps someone else get up and running a little faster.

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Hi, please do not use pictures of text, they cannot be copied, quoted, or searched for on the internet. Please edit your question and replace the pictures with actual text and I'll try to help you after that.

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