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Build error for planning_interface::PlannerManager

asked 2018-02-14 15:57:00 -0600

Radu gravatar image

updated 2018-02-15 06:05:58 -0600

I'm trying to load a motion planner based on the the name of planning plugin loaded from the ROS param server. I'm getting the following error while building with catkin_make (using Indigo):

Linking CXX executable /homes/radu/workspace/development/fetch/devel/lib/mira/test
/homes/radu/workspace/development/fetch/devel/lib/ undefined reference to `typeinfo for planning_interface::PlannerManager'

The code I'm testing is this (found in the tutorials):

robot_model_loader::RobotModelLoader robot_model_loader("robot_description");

robot_model::RobotModelPtr robot_model = robot_model_loader.getModel();

planning_scene::PlanningScenePtr planning_scene(new planning_scene::PlanningScene(robot_model));

boost::scoped_ptr<pluginlib::ClassLoader<planning_interface::PlannerManager>> planner_plugin_loader;

  planner_plugin_loader.reset(new pluginlib::ClassLoader<planning_interface::PlannerManager>("moveit_core", "planning_interface::PlannerManager"));
catch (pluginlib::PluginlibException& ex)
  ROS_FATAL_STREAM("Exception while creating planning plugin loader " << ex.what());
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answered 2021-10-15 09:26:55 -0600

AndyZe gravatar image

You likely need to add:




to CMakeLists. Also add this to package.xml:

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