DIY Robot with full documentation beginner friendly suggestions for very low budget

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I'm looking for a project to do for a hardware robot project since I meanly just have done basic simulation which is good fun, but would like to do a little hardware in ros and therefore to learn more by following along something that has full documentation of the project. My money are very low. And since there always are one part I never have and has to purchase and wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive I would like to order it now.

Meanwhile I'll be doing the hardware project of a closed loop system by Richard Wang.

Parts I've available: arduinos raspberry pi 2 and 3. raspicam mg995 servo's motors with encoders batteries 3D printer. kinect 1 sensor ROS kinect both on laptop and on raspberry pi3. Motorcontroller tb6612fng

Any suggestions for a good project? Full documentation is important since I'm just a beginner hobbyist and not very skilled in programming.

I've been trying to get the spacenav joystick to work but can't get it to work in simulation, can see it in linux and all. If someone has done a simple project (omni eller mecanum wheel based robot (simulation or hardware)) with it and have documented I'd love to see it besides the linorobot - :) Don't need to be complex with sensors etc for the spacenav project, I need to understand it.

Thanks :)

Edit: Also Ideas for small simple projects I could try would be interesting to here too.

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