Planar joint in RVIZ

asked 2017-12-06 13:36:48 -0500

afar gravatar image

Has anyone been able to to make a planar joint. Imagine I have a base link and another link on top of that and a planar joint between them. I use the following setting for joint:

<joint name="joint_planar" type="planar"> <parent link="base_link"/> <child link="link1"/> <origin xyz="0 0 0.5" rpy="0 0 0"/> <axis xyz="0 0 1"/> <limit effort="30" velocity="1.0" lower="-10" upper="10"/> </joint>

After loading the model in RVIZ, I would expect to see two sliders for x and y in joint_state_publisher gui. But I only see one and it does not do anything.

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