Camera calibration file /camera_info/left.yaml not found

asked 2017-11-23 22:06:55 -0500

Parwana Shahdi gravatar image

Hi, I am using Snapdragon_Dev_Board(eagle8074/Snapdragon801) with Stereo Camera. Snapdragon_Dev_Board has Linux Linaro 14.04(pre-loaded). I have installed ROS-Indigo on top of it. I am running two nodes snap_cam_ros and dfs_ros_example

to get the disparity image, depth image and point cloud.

While I am launching the snap_cam_ros on [Snapdragon_Dev_Board + Linux Linaro 14.04(pre-loaded) + ROS-Indigo] environment , using: roslaunch snap_cam_ros stereo.launch

it is showing the following error:

How to resolve this error: Can anyone help me out? Regards, Parwana Shahdi

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