Noobie: Watching logs

asked 2017-11-23 05:29:24 -0500

Cesare gravatar image

Hello there, I'm working on a project with several nodes. I have a main launch file that includes the launch files of all the nodes required.
Which I'm developing and testing new nodes, in order to understand what happens I added some rospy.loginfo (should display on stdout) around as I would like to see it in the console.
Unfortunatly, no logs are displayed, even with output="screen" in the child launch files. So my workaround have been to start all the nodes, then, from another terminal I kill the node I work on and relaunch it separately, so I can have the debug appearing. I've tried the "tail -f" on the logfile but is really not handy.

Is there a main way/best practice for debugging, lunching and relunching single nodes of a system while developing ? (feel free to give me links to documentation ^_^ )

Thanks ^_^

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