image_transport latency reduction techniques

asked 2017-11-02 00:37:12 -0600

natejgardner gravatar image

So far, no matter what camera I use, image_transport seems to introduce ~400ms of latency. This is far too much for my application (I need < 20ms). I've been searching to solutions for reducing this latency but I haven't found anything. Does anyone know of techniques to reduce the latency caused by image_transport? Everything from a 480p camera to a 4k camera has the same latency of ~400ms. I've tried various types of cameras- USB cameras, board cameras, different drivers, etc. The various utilities included with cameras demonstrate extremely low latency when running outside of ROS, but I can't find a solution in ROS.

Is this a question of buffer size? Are there any parameters in image_transport that could potentially get me under 20ms?

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