MoveIt control using Kinematic model for faster control rate

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Normally the user uses the moveit move group interface to send command to the robot. However, as described in another post, the user can also uses setFromIK from the Kinematic model to achieve higher control rate. I presume this is because the planning part is skipped in the example?

My question is how can I command the robot when having a set of desired joint values (say obtained from the setFromIK)? I know the moveit move group interface can set joint/pose goal, however, the robot would do the planning steps again which takes a some time. What if I don't want the planning as the desired pose/position will be close to the current one (similar to the scenario in the above mentioned post)?

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If you use setFromIK you can directly use the robot controller (send the value using joint_state/command) and avoid using moveit. This is what I did in my case.

ahmohamed gravatar image ahmohamed  ( 2017-10-30 13:39:16 -0500 )edit

minor correction: you don't "avoid using MoveIt". You just avoid using MoveIt's planning pipeline. The response is correct though: Your hardware driver has to support a position control interface to do this, where you can send joint angles and it does simple control to that joint target.

v4hn gravatar image v4hn  ( 2017-12-05 09:55:18 -0500 )edit