Convert ROS sensor_msgs to Caffe blob input

asked 2017-10-20 04:56:54 -0600

MSCderoe gravatar image

Hi guys,

I`m new to ROS and Caffe, so maybe it's only a trivial question. My task is to dectect cones in a 3D point cloud from a lidar. Therefore I get the point cloud to ROS and do some filtering with PCL. Then I want to redirect the point cloud to a 3D CNN of Caffe. The input of the Caffe CNN is a data type called blob, it's like a 4D array. So my question is how I can convert my point cloud from a ROS sensor_msg to a Caffe blob. After that I also want to give the output back to ROS which means I need a conversation from a Caffe blob to a ROS sensor_msg too.

Thanks for answers


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