How to transfer projects on one arm to another one which is simlilar

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I completed this edx robotics course and I want to implement the projects that i did as part of the course on a real robot.I have implemented Cartesian control using interactive markers and path planning using rrt algorithm.I did all these on a kuka arm and now i have a commom arm kit and I don't know how to transfer these projects to my arm.Can I controll my arm with the same cartesian control by maping the joints to my arm .Both are same till the end effector so I thought I may be able to map those controls to my arm.But then when I think about the link lengths and all that may not work.If the question is not clear I will elaborate on the areas that you need more info. I hope this image will show that these two roboti arms are quite similar and why I thought it might work. image description image link

Thank you .

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