How to automatically run multiple simulations due to removals of robots

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Hi everyone,

I meet with a problem for automating simulations in ROS-Gazebo. In my project, a group of UAVs need to search for target. Once approaching the target, the close robot needs to be removed so that others can keep approaching the target. The problem locates here. After removing all robots, I need to close ROS and Gazebo both and relaunched manually again so that removed robots can be respawned for the next simulation. But I need to run thousands of simulations based on different experimental parameters' value. Hence, I am looking for some ways to solve my issue. The controlling algorithm for each UAV is written in C++. The UAV model is hector_quadrotor. Its package can be downloaded from the website. This package only have .xacro file as robot description file.

So far, I have found ways to repawn robots in c++ during the simulation by calling spawn_urdf_model service. But, I can only create a model without any availalbe topic (such as cmd/vel topic) for controlling it. Does anyone know how to spawn a robot with controllers or topics during the simulation? Or, alternatively, does anyone know how to run at least one hundred simulations simultaneously or successively just through one manual operation?

Thank you very much for any information

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