How to include velocity and location as one of the input data for current collision avoidance system using turtlebot 2

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Hello all

I am a beginner in ROS and still learning using it. Currently i am working on a school project that require me to design and experiment a collision avoidance system that include velocity and location of a robot as consideration. I will use 2 turtlebot for this setup. The setup of the turtlebot and experiment are as follow:

  1. Turtlebot Setup (Turltebot 1 and Turtlebot 2)
  2. Turtlebot 1 will be controlled manually by user
  3. Turtlebot 1 will send its current velocity and location every seconds to turtlebot 2
  4. Turtlebot 2 will receive the data as used it for its current collision avoidance system.

  5. Experiment Setup

  6. Turtlebot 1 will be in front of turtlebot 2
  7. Turtlebot 1 and 2 will move together
  8. Turtlebot 1 that controlled manual will try to make collision intentionally with turltebot 1 by slowing down.
  9. Since turtlebot 2 do receive turtlebot 1 velocity and location data, it should able to prevent the collision.

Above are the scenario of the experiment that i would like to do. But as a beginner, there are several complication that i have encountered.

  1. How to extract the velocity and location of turtlebot 1 ? Based from my research online, it is possible to actually display the velocity and location of a turtlebot. But how to extract the data and used by the current collision avoidance system in ROS used by the turtlebot?

  2. How to enable the inter robot communication for the data transfer ? AFAIK, with one master and multiple robot set up, inter robot communication are possible. But if communication directly between 2 turtlebot, is it possible ? Note that the reason of the communication are just to transmit the velocity data and location of the turtlebot 1 to turtlebot 2

Really hope if someone can give an insight on how to create mentioned above system. Sorry if the question are too long and newbie type.

Regards Foo

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