Create 3D model from (not moving) laser scan

asked 2017-05-09 03:00:46 -0500

frizzle gravatar image

Hi everyone!

I have a laser scan, which I can display nicely with rviz. What I want to achieve, though is to display it in 3D, meaning I want to transform the x value of the laser scan depending on how long it has been published. So the messages are displayed in 3D instead of a line.

What I achieved so far is using the laser_assembler package where I gathered all the scan messages and published them as a pointcloud2. In the client node I then used the pcl_ros package where I called the transformPointCloud(matrix, cloud_in, cloud_out) - method.
All is working fine. I can display my pointcloud2 and transform it.

However, what is still missing is to make the x-value dependant on how long the message is published. So I want it to display the last n messages or messages from the last n secs and translate each their x values by maybe 0.2 from the others.
Hope it's not to confusing :) Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks

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