Motor Control for Skid Steer Robot

asked 2017-05-02 11:37:45 -0500


I've been working on a skid steer robot for about a year now and I'm questioning whether I'm using the best motor controller for the job.

I'm using the sabertooth from dimension engineering. Along with the kangaroo for taking in encoder data This is my robot, I've just mounted a bunch of electronics to it to make it autonomous.

The sabertooth + kangaroo combo allows me to do velocity control. But it only closes the loop in the forward/backward direction, not in the turning direction. I could use ROS to look at the IMU and close the loop that way, but if there is a motor controller that already does that then that may be easier.

TL;DR Does anyone know of a motor controller that uses an IMU to do radial velocity control?

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